Prateek is a practicing Patent Attorney in India. He is a qualified Electronics & Communication Engineer and an Advocate. He has more than seven years of experience in the domain of Intellectual Property (IP) more specifically in Patents and Designs and has worked with local and overseas clients to protect their IP rights.
On the side of Patents, he has experience in Drafting of specifications, Filing and prosecuting patent applications (including PCT National Phase, convention and regular applications in India and PCT and convention applications globally). On the side of Designs, he has experience in drafting, filing and prosecuting design applications (regular application in India and International).
On the side of Trade Marks, he has gained some handy experience on the filing of trademark applications, preparing responses to Examination Report and drafting oppositions. He has also conducted investigations for well-known brands in Delhi/NCR as well as in other parts of India.
At Mark Shield, he is responsible for managing end-to-end patents and design related files.