IP Due Diligence is an important part of licensing, corporate mergers, acquisitions, and private equity deals. Intellectual Property (IP) assets, including patents, trademark, copyrights, trade secrets, and other know how, drive many high technology merger or acquisition strategies. Now more than ever, companies contemplating commercial transactions need to have a thorough understanding of the value and risks associated with the transfer of intangible assets as part of a deal. For a variety of reasons, though, too many companies own IP rights without having an accurate understanding of the true value and risks associated with their portfolio or acquire portfolios without first developing an understanding of what the portfolio means. IP Due Diligence involves a thorough investigation and examination of assets in an effort to determine such things as the validity of ownership rights and the quality of the assets themselves. As such, due diligence is typically conducted prior to the transfer of these rights or assets. With its substantial IP, corporate, technology and litigation experience, Nawaz IP is well positioned to analyze the risks and value inherent in an IP portfolio. Our Team have significant experience representing licensors, licensees, developers, investors, and technology companies of all sizes in virtually all areas of technology.

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